The House

    The House will be closed through Friday May 10th, 2013. Students seeking counseling services may obtain these at North Hall. Students seeking to use the Mind Body Gym may use the Mind Spa on the second floor of the Student Health and Wellness Center inside of CAPS Clinic.

Life at the University isn't always easy. There may be a time when you need someone with whom you can discuss the pressures of college life. The House can help.


The House is a drop-in and phone counseling service, open weekdays 8am to 5pm. Students can talk to another student about personal and academic problems. House staff help students with concerns such as relationship, loneliness, depression, and personal growth and provide workshops and wellness programs. Located adjacent to the Housing Office, The House phone number is (530) 752-2790.

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What is The House?

The House is a confidential peer counseling center offering a variety of free and confidential services to UCD students. The mission of The House is to provide a supportive, relaxed, accessible, and non-judgmental environment for students who wish to explore personal issues and interpersonal problems. The House falls under the administrative umbrella of UCD's CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services). It is staffed by student volunteers who receive structured training and supervision from CAPS professionals. The staff believe an integral part of building this supportive environment entails recruiting student volunteers who reflect the general campus community. The focus on training is a critical and valued dimension of The House because it assists peer counselors in responding sensitively and capably to student needs.



Where is The House?

The House, TB -16, is the tan and green two story building next to the UCD Housing Office and across from Regan Residence Hall.



What Services are Offered at The House?

Free Yoga and Meditation Sessions

    Looking For a Break From Your Busy Week?

Sessions are administered by highly skilled House Staff members, and are offered to all UC Davis Undergraduate and Graduate Students. All experience levels are welcome!

The House is located at TB-16. It is the tan and green two story building next to the UCD Housing Office, and across from Regan Residence Hall.

    Come Join us Every Week:

Yoga: Mondays 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Meditation: No more Medication sessions for the remainder of 2012-13 Academic Year.



Can I Volunteer at The House?



Drop-in & telephone hours are from 1pm to 4pm, Monday - Friday during the academic year. The House is closed on weekends and quarter breaks including the summer sessions.


Accessing The House

Accessing The House

For phone counseling, program requests, or information regarding volunteering, call (530) 752-2790. For drop-in counseling, simply stop by The House.